Empowering Commanders with Next-Generation AI and VTOL Integration

In the face of evolving global conflicts, military commanders require new tools that provide a strategic advantage while ensuring the swift, precise, and dependable execution of complex missions. Responding to this urgent need, Mayman Aerospace is working with partners at the forefront of Battlefield Management Systems (BMS). Our SKYFIELD™ AI-controlled navigation and control software, in combination with our high-speed RAZOR™ VTOL aircraft, will provide military commanders with compatible technology to deliver superior situational awareness and unmatched aerial efficiency, particularly in environments where GPS is denied or unreliable.

Advanced AI-Powered VTOL Battlefield Solution

At Mayman Aerospace, we are pioneering the future of autonomous warfare with a family of cutting-edge high-speed VTOL aircraft. Redefining military capabilities in theater requires the seamless integration of Artificial Intelligence within existing intelligence, surveillance, navigation, control, and strategic frameworks. This integrated approach will assure operational synergy between our unmanned systems and BMS.

We are well advanced in our mission having designed, built and flight tested four full scale prototypes since completing our time at YCombinator in 2019 and securing US Dept of Defense contracts.

Our VTOL Platform Strengthens Defense Capabilities

Utilizing an innovative and unique process, we will leverage state-of-the-art AI to capture and analyze real-time data from our aircraft and BMS, instantly processing threats and providing actionable insights. By prioritizing the provenance, trust-ability, authenticity, and actionability of the data collected onboard the aircraft, and working within the context of the broader BMS, our platform will enable the swift execution of critical strategic and tactical operations. The SKYFIELD mesh will respond intelligently to command and control decisions with a high level of confidence, whether operated via Human-in-the-Loop (HITL) control or with full autonomy. In GPS-denied or C2-compromised environments, our aircraft are designed to act decisively and reliably in accordance with mission goals, while factoring the life-and-death stakes of the actions taken

The platform will be capable of directing squadrons of high-performance RAZOR Air Utility Vehicles (AUV) exceeding 1,000 aircraft. AUV variants will be specialized for a spectrum of missions from ISTAR and C-UAS operations, to missile strikes and cargo transport.

Key Innovations Include:

  • Real-Time Decision Support: Leveraging cutting-edge AI, we will provide real-time, actionable recommendations, enabling commanders to deploy RAZORS for maximum impact.
  • HITL oversight: We will combine AI precision with human judgment through an intuitive interface that allows commanders to deploy assets at the push of a button. Final authority rests with human operators.
  • Adaptive Navigation in GPS-denied or compromised environments: Mayman Aerospace aircraft will be equipped with advanced systems for navigation and control, providing effective operation without GPS. This functionality is vital for reliability and precision in electronically contested or GPS denied areas.

Vision for the Future of Battlefield Management

In the enhancement of existing autonomous capabilities, our vision is to revolutionize how commanders plan, decide, and act in the face of modern warfare complexities. Combining AI-driven navigation and control with BMS, we will streamline operational command and transform battlefield dynamics. What was once operationally complex will become straightforward, and what could be overwhelming will now manageable

Contested Logistics


In contested logistics, an autonomous aerial military system for cargo delivery is essential. Aircraft must fly at high speeds and carry heavy payloads within an ultra-compact airframe. Our RAZOR AUV is one-tenth the size of any alternative aircraft for the same payload. RAZOR aircraft operate on any heavy fuel and can be refueled in minutes. Battery recharging is not required. Our proprietary control system for gimbaling jet engines and vectoring thrust, enables swift, secure and efficient transportation of critical supplies, bolstering military readiness and resilience in challenging environments.

  • Attritable
  • Long-Range
  • High Payload
  • Any Heavy Fuel. Fast Turnarounds
  • AI GPS-Denied Navigation & Control
  • Compact Size (10 X 10ft Takeoff and Landing Area)

Target Drone

Modern fighter pilot training necessitates advanced target drones capable of rapid ascent, descent, loitering, and extreme maneuverability, thus mirroring the agility of F35s and future aircraft. These target drones must take off and land autonomously, requiring minimal ground crew and training. Such innovation optimizes training realism and readiness, crucial for honing pilot skills in dynamic operational scenarios.

  • Low Cost
  • Speed Range 0-500mph
  • Mimics Helicopters and Jet Fighters
  • High Payload Allows for Accessory Components
  • Simple Launch & Recovery (No Catapult)
  • Auto Abort/Landing Without a Parachute


RAZOR offers a cost-effective substitute to expensive cruise missiles. Its swift, agile, AI-guided C2/C3 enables precise payload or kinetic impact delivery. This versatile platform ensures efficient operations at a fraction of traditional costs.

  • Ultra-Low Build Cost
  • Ground To 20,000ft Ops
  • High Subsonic Speed [Mach 0.75]
  • AI GPS-Denied Navigation & Control
  • Rapid Takeoff From 10ft X 10ft Area
  • High Kinetic Payload of Up To 1,000 lb


The RAZOR AUV revolutionizes battlefield target-intelligence collection, providing rapid, flexible data acquisition. With VTOL capability for deployment in confined areas, speeds up to 500 mph, and advanced surveillance technology, the aircraft delivers superior image quality (by carrying the largest gimbal balls) at any altitude. As a self-sufficient platform, RAZOR ensures immediate and reliable intelligence, enhancing battlefield decision-making. This aircraft is essential for modern warfare.

  • Attritable
  • Ultra-High Speed
  • Ground To 20,000ft Ops
  • Launched from a 10 ft x 10 ft Area
  • AI GPS-Denied Navigation & Control
  • Large Gimbal Ensures Image & Targeting Accuracy

Missile Range Extender

RAZOR aircraft can extend the range of small Air-to-Air or Air-to-Surface missiles such as Brimstone or Hellfire, delivering them over 400 miles. The aircraft can loiter in place until commanded, then deploy the missile for final target acquisition, enhancing the reach and precision of missile systems.

  • Attritable
  • Any Heavy Fuel
  • Adaptable Payload
  • Extend Missile Range (15x)
  • ISTAR & Launch In One Aircraft
  • AI GPS-Denied Navigation & Control

RAZOR P50 - First Flight

The inaugural flight of our RAZOR Air Utility Vehicle showcases our proprietary flight system’s precision control of both jet gimbaling and vectored thrust. This milestone marks a major leap forward in aerial maneuverability and performance. With unmatched agility and accuracy, RAZOR sets a new high standard for versatile, controlled jet powered flight in autonomous aerial vehicles.

Low RCS, Small Size and High-Subsonic Speed

RAZOR is engineered for contemporary air combat scenarios. Its combination of low RCS, very small size and high-subsonic speed (Mach 0.75) delivers exceptional agility and survivability even in the most perilous conditions. The aircraft establishes an unprecedented benchmark for airborne operations.

An Aspirational Journey

While our goal of creating an AI navigation and control system which fully integrates with battlefield operations is ambitious, our commitment to this vision is unwavering. Our development team is working tirelessly to bring these advanced capabilities to fruition, ensuring our military partners are equipped with what they need to triumph in any operational context.

Stay engaged with us as we continue to redefine the boundaries of defense technology, ensuring our warfighters command the advantages of agility, precision, and intelligence. Together, we will set the course for a future where our defense operations are smarter, faster, more decisive and effective.

Our Team is Our Greatest Asset

In aerospace engineering, autonomy and robotics our engineers embody unparalleled talent, creativity and visionary prowess. We are a passionate group of visionaries that brings the highest level of experience from Raytheon, Virgin Orbit, Lockheed Martin and Boeing. Together, we are designing an unprecedented class of aircraft and an operational management system that pushes the boundaries of VTOL flight innovation. Our collaborative spirit and ingenuity are changing the future of flight.



Innovative thinking empowers our engineering team to revolutionize compact, high-speed flight for VTOL aircraft, meeting the needs of a diverse array of defense applications. Prioritizing versatility, we design streamlined airframes and propulsion systems, ensuring swift deployment for missions ranging from critical cargo transport to ISTAR and tactical operations.

Pushing Boundaries

We embrace cost-effective approaches to expedite aircraft design and innovation. Our team is merging mechanical, aeronautical, electrical, and AI engineering to develop a new class of VTOL aircraft. This collaborative effort has already produced significant advancements in aerial flight technology, promising practical solutions for future transportation challenges.


Driving a paradigm shift in VTOL technology, our engineering leadership is focused on defense applications. We are pioneering advancements that aim to create a new class of Air Utility Vehicles optimized for military missions. These innovations promise unparalleled agility, versatility and strategic advantage, reshaping modern warfare capabilities.

AI Opportunities

At the core of our autonomous battlefield mesh is SKYFIELD, an AI-based software system which seamlessly integrates our RAZOR aircraft with a range of third-party Battlefield Management Systems. This cutting-edge fusion facilitates dynamic battlefield awareness, rapid deployment and precise mission execution. Empowering military operations with unparalleled efficiency and adaptability, SKYFIELD sets a new standard in modern warfare software control systems.

Visionary Design

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About Us

Since our 2016 founding in Southern California, we have never stopped pushing the boundaries of aerial mobility with our pioneering developments in Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft. Our RAZOR P100 is the world’s smallest VTOL aircraft for its payload capacity. RAZOR can carry payloads competitive with aircraft 10 times its size, combining unparalleled compactness with high efficiency.

At Mayman Aerospace, we understand that the future of VTOL technology extends beyond hardware which is why we are also developing SKYFIELD. Powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence for navigation and control, SKYFIELD will help assure operational integrity even in the most challenging scenarios making our aircraft trusted components in critical missions.

The Mayman Aerospace journey has achieved significant milestones, including acceptance into the renowned YCombinator program, highlighting potential and innovation in the tech startup scene. As a venture-backed company, we have attracted the attention and support of leading investors who share our vision for revolutionizing advanced aerial mobility and special purpose VTOL aircraft.

The advancements we have achieved have attracted the attention of the United States Department of Defense, leading to multiple development contracts for variants of the aircraft. These collaborations underscore our aircraft’s versatility and its potential to meet a wide range of mission requirements.

While our initial focus is on supporting DOD missions, our ambitions reach far beyond. After achieving military certification and conducting extensive flight testing, we aim to also supply the civilian sector. Our VTOL aircraft will play a crucial role in disaster recovery, rescue operations, and the delivery of urgently needed life-saving cargo.

Mayman Aerospace is much more than just an aerospace company. We are pioneers at the forefront of a transportation revolution


Mayman Aerospace is building the fastest, smallest, most powerful turbine-powered, AI-guided autonomous VTOL the world has ever seen.

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